Philadelphia, 2017

For my poem, I will be looking into William Blake’s “London”. I picked this poem because it is the one I understand the best. William Blake looked at the negative side of London and that is something most people overlook because, for many reasons, they would like to believe that they are living in a safe and comfortable neighborhood. The city I choose to write about is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I chose this city because I was born there and raised there until I was 8 years old. There is a negative view on the city I grew up in but in my eyes, I didn’t see it as so.

Walking through the dark, snowy street;

Face and body getting colder,

Racing heartbeat,

Always looking over my shoulder.


I walked past a man;

Blackened by darkness

Trying to get home as fast as I can

We are so heartless.


We hear what we want to hear,

We all scream “This place is bad!”

We Philadelphians want to be endeared,

It drives us mad.


So quick to judge others;

Hear our cries,

We are all brothers;

Let us rise.

-Naomi Van


One thought on “Philadelphia, 2017

  1. Great poem! The most original idea in here is that you mentioned many people choose to overlook the bad, why is that? An improvement would be that you did not elaborate on much of the darkness, or “bad” that surrounds your city. I feel it was a bit rushed, and would love to read more!

    Rahma Kohin
    EC – 14/25


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