Merced, 2017

I took “the bus” through chartered street,

Near where Nortb Bear Creek does flow,

And finally arrived at the Merced Swap Meet,

Marks of joy, scents of tacos y churros


In every lane, cars parked without man

In every infants cry for toys

In every voice, in every price,

The sounds of community I hear


Work in progress. If it is not already clear, I am working with William Blake’s piece.. I will limit my creative writing peace to four stanzas. I will not pay that much attention to the number of syllables in each line, as I feel that doesn’t sound very new-world-ish. In terms of the content, I made sure to include the name of places that are relevant to the City of Merced.


-Israel Alonso


One thought on “Merced, 2017

  1. Though you mentioned it was a work in progress, I like what I have read thus far. The most original part of this is your use of imagery. This was very descriptive and helped me picture everything. Maybe you could add more and expand on what you mean by “community” here. Some say there isnt a community here. Do you disagree?

    Rahma Kohin
    EC – 3/25


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