Los Banos, 2017

For my poem, I selected to imitate William Blake’s “London”. Like the speaker in “London” my poem will be about the visuals of my hometown.  However, I don’t see despair in the faces of people I meet but rather the beautiful smiles of the townspeople. My peaceful town is a total contrast than industrial 1800’s London.  The town is a close knit community thriving in agriculture, education, and athletics. The youth is the pride of the town and many parents work hard in order for their children to live comfortably.


I walk through each packed hallway,

Near the pasture of grazing cattle.

And mark the student’s casual sway

However, the ringing bell allows the prattle.


In every student the smiles demonstrate,

The excitement of lunchtime

The upperclassmen run out gate

The student already know where to dine.


The parking lot prolongs,

Every shiny car and lifted truck,

Stereos blasting with everyone’s favorite songs,

We all wait stuck.


Boys and girls lavishly dine,

Snapchat pictures on display,

Not worried about the time,

Today’s another blessed day.

-Dario Lomeli



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