Life of a Man

There was a man who walked about in a mantle of gold

His life seemed bright and enchanting at most

Till he decided to go forth and be bold

But here is the truth, many people should not boast


He lost it all the house, the boat, the greens

His wife and kids left before the scandal hit

That he had hit the streets and traded in gold for beans

Yet this small portion of food could not just fill his pit


He told himself he was camping just for a day or two

He would go home in time and everything would be forgotten

His home slowly turned into that big tent of blue

However his life of luxury had by someone been bought-en


He slunk away into his poorly lit house tears dripping

His face forgotten lost to all who stared at him

Meanwhile those others sit there in greatness sipping

Letting him rot away and waste the life he once had.


For this blog post I decided to think about the poor neighborhoods in Los Angeles and talk about the people who have been forgotten. The homeless have become such a big important part of Los Angeles that they seem to be just an object. They are no longer people who probably have backstory to the moment in time that got them there. I wanted to created a short poem detailing the life of a very expensive man who all of a sudden out of a twist in fate has lost everything. I followed the rhyme scheme in William Blake’s poem, London, so that there can be some sort of commonality. However the last line did not follow the rhyme scheme because I wanted to show that eventually when your life has come to the situations that have brought people to their lowest, there almost feels to be a pointlessness to following the rules. This man had it all and in a split second loses everything. In another line there is a made up word “bought-en” one it was meant to fit in the scheme of the rhyme but it also helps to serve the losing mentality that this person is going through. Through the poverty they start becoming this nothingness that people cannot seem to fit. It all goes back to major changes in employment and the decisions that jobs take into firing their staff.

-Alexis Blanco



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