Culiacán, 2017

I wrote my poem based off William Blake’s London. I started writing about my hometown but couldn’t seem to come up with anything. Instead I wrote it based on the city my mom is from in Culiacán, México. Culiacán has a reputation for being associated with the drug cartels, therefore being one of the most dangerous cities in México. Despite being associated with such bad things, there is a lot of beauty in Culiacán that often goes hidden.

Walking through the streets,

There is talk of danger,

Something I don’t see.

They changed her.


You could hardly tell

The truth of it all.

But they really sell

With its faults.


A place where kids must work

To earn just a little

Where the rich smirk

At how much they’re belittled.


The beauty of the city

Hidden through violence and poverty

Where many must flee

To new properties.

-Natalia Alvarado


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