Washington D.C., 2017

For my poem I drew inspiration from William Wordsworth’s “London, 1802” based on reoccurring themes for an era in a place that seemed untainted with corruption.  Since Trump’s election, I firmly believe America has not seen an improvement, especially with the recent attack on Syria.  Based on current events, I tried to apply modernity in the poem where it seems fit. I placed overt references to Obama’s election, which fulfilled America’s hope for “change we can believe” as his campaign slogan used to say, and to that of Trump, who appears a counterfeit president in comparison. I feel that Obama would be shocked by the degradation of the White House’s morale and rationale, especially because his presidency ceased barely two months ago.  I think that if American returned to at least Obama’s qualities like “tolerance, logic, etc.” which mirrors Wordsworth desire for London to have “manners, virtue, freedom, power.”  My poem is meant to showcase that just as Wordsworth desires a new London  I desire a new America.  From my interpretation I hope to reference Wordsworth’s hope for the future, given the worsened conditions during 1802.


Obama! Could you live to see your presidential succession
America, needs change we can believe; she is a capitalist’s trophy wife
Of intolerable waters: bombs, shootings, and drones
Syria’s degradation, the impetuous decision of  America’s Apprentice
Have disengaged their American Dream
Of transient happiness; we are objectified women
Oh! Come on, visit us again;
And offer us tolerance, logic, kindness, freedom
Your soul was like a an honest gem, not a counterfeit tool
Your voice was as serene as the sight of Yosemite
Pure as a healthy sky, stars shine, pollution unseen
So you travelled onto what was meant of you,
In divine hope; and yet my heart
feels low from the existential prison of this day and age

-Jessica Mijares


2 thoughts on “Washington D.C., 2017

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  2. The most original thought here is that Obama will in a sense, “make America great again.” I feel that Obama was an amazing president as well, but I think America has been a mess (for lack of a better word) for a long time. It’s only now that Trump has been elected that people are really scared. I think that maybe you can elaborate on what you would like Obama to do if he were to return.

    Rahma Kohin
    EC – 8/25


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