Lyrical Ballads: a word is worth a thousand pictures

For this Friday’s blog post (4/14), students will use ONE of the four paintings below as a lens for interpreting ONE of the poems from the Lyrical Ballads (except “Tintern Abbey” and the “Ancient Mariner”). What does the painting’s form, color, perspective, and setting reveal about the Romantic themes, ideas, and feelings conveyed in your chosen poem?  Evidence for your argument will be based on a specific close reading of the painting and poem.  Be bold and daring: use your imagination!!!

Please categorize your post under “The Romantic Turn” and don’t forget to create specific and relevant tags.  The post is due by Friday (4/14) 1pm, but students have the option to revise it until 6pm that day.  And please sign your posts so that your TA, Hannah, and I know who wrote what.  Warning: blank or filler “placeholder” posts submitted after the deadline will not receive a grade!

Théodore Gericault (French, 1791–1824) Evening: Landscape with an Aqueduct, 1818

Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840), The Abby in the Oakwood, 1808-1810

Caspar David Friedrich, The Monk by the Sea, 1809

Joseph William Turner (1775-1851), Buttermere Lake : A Shower, 1798


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