Snap. Crackle. Rock



The Iron Maiden’s heavy metal version of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is like Romantic Poetry as the voice’s inflection and delivery brings the lyrics to a whole new lights.  Similarly to what the turn of Romantic Poetry created, is a sense of modernity -detaching from a traditional form of poetic speech and bringing it to a modern one.

The line “And now the Storm-Blast came and he was tyrannous and strong: he struck with his oe’r taking wings, and chased us South along,” when heard through Iron Maiden’s version definitely creates an imagery that otherwise could not be felt from just reading. Its as though one is experiencing the chaos of the undertaking and a thrill comes over as the shouting of the vocalists voice, along with the thick, loud and massive sound of the instruments used in the song.

In terms of the lyrics, the words “and now the Storm-Blast” is in syncopation with the blasting of the bass and electric guitars, as well as the drums, invoking even more the feeling of being in conjunction with the raging ocean’s waves and tide.  This is the same, incidentally, with what the purpose of poetry was supposed to cause, during the “turn.”

Just like this choice in music, that was looked down upon, Romantic Poetry too, was deemed as odd and almost bewitching, for, to many, it was almost spell like.

-Maricela (Marcy) Martinez


6 thoughts on “Snap. Crackle. Rock

  1. I like your title! An original aspect of your post is definitely the way you are emulating the sounds of the song to the emotions that poem evokes. One improvement that you can consider is adding more textual evidence and increasing your length of the post. Great job!-Anthony Miller


  2. Focusing on sounds and emotions of the poem is not only original, but I believe its relieving to read another post about the same thing. You could add more textual evidence to help support your claims in this post. Also, love love love your title! It’s capturing.


  3. I like how you mention the sound and delivery of the song! An original idea in this post like the Romatics, this genre of music faces the struggles of being delegitimized because of how they choose to present their art. I wish you could have gone deeper with that idea and used more textual evidence.
    -Nancy Sanchez


  4. I liked how you brought up the similarities between the genres acceptance in society. Perhaps you can elaborate more on how the tone of the poem and the song synchronizing together can be seen individually as characteristics of their genres. Thus, these may be reasons why they were both art forms that were look down upon.


  5. I loved your choice of quotation. I think that is such a powerful part of the song. I do agree however, that without the musical accompaniment it seems to not be as prominent a “turning” point in the story. I do believe this is because due to the instrumental influence, we can really feel the change in the tide, the fierceness of the storm. This is one of the reasons that multimedia is so important and we are so lucky to have it. It’s truly amazing the way in which many artists today combine lyrics with both visuals and sound. Then of course if you see something live you have the sensations of touch from the elements of nature and other concert goers as well as the smells of the venues and props used (such as smoke or fire). I would love to see a music video or live rendition of this!


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