Extra Credit

After attending “After Sustainability: The Histories of Climate Change” by Robert Markley, I realized that the issue about global warming and climate change is not something our society talks about. Yes, there is a big emphasis on addressing the issue of global warming but no one is taking action in fixing what we have done. People do not care about our planet and what is happening to it because it is not an immediate impact on them. Climate change takes time and does not show its effects easily. There are groups of people out there who care about our planet but they are not taken seriously because a majority of our society believe that they are over-exaggerating climate change and making it more of a big deal than it is.

In our last blog post, we looked at two satirical cartoons that depicted slavery. In a way, both cartoons are addressing the issues of slavery but at the same time, making fun of it. Slavery wasn’t seen as something serious and was not addressed accordingly. In Cruikshank’s cartoon, you can see African slaves dancing and having fun in the background. It is telling us that slavery is not a bad thing and should not be taken seriously. Near the front of the cartoon, there appears to be young children signing the petition to end slavery. It shows that the petition is a joke because there are children signing it who do not understand what they are signing for.

Both of these topics show how humanity does not address issues within our society. Instead, we push it aside and make fun of it.

-Naomi Van


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