What’s in an English Word

The English language has changed over the centuries but one thing that hasn’t changed is its forceful domination over counties even today. My Norwegian cousin is strictly taught English in school but in my school it was optional to take a class to learn about a second language. Why is English mandatory for her but Norwegian not for me? As the world virtually becomes smaller it is crucial for younger generations to become fluent in several languages, The United States is very behind on this as demonstration on not being strict about learning even a second language. English should not be a one superior language and as other countries educate their students to learn English, English speakers as well should put in some work to learn theirs. The United States is also home to an assortment of immigrants from places some American students can’t point out on a map, let alone learn about their language.

Although Johnson defines origins of the alphabet, “A, the first letter of the European alphabet, has, in the English language, three different sounds, which may be termed the broad, open, and slender” that seems informative but can easily block out subordinate origins of languages and show where true language comes from. This is a separation tactic so there is no comparison or mix up of an obviously dominant language and other languages that do not compare. English had and has help from many other languages in its development, although it seems to still be a confusing language with rules like i before e except after c. It has borrowed and manipulated other words from other languages and sometimes not even changed them but pretended like they were their own; I thought piñata was English until my first grade Hispanic friend explained the word to me. People that do not speak English as a dominant language can see through the rose tinted glasses while people that do speak only English still just don’t get it even today.


— Alison Vining

One thought on “What’s in an English Word

  1. I think the most original part of this post was its use of evidence from your own life, like on how to pronounce words. I think as an improvement I would like to see more evidence from the assigned reading, which would support your argument.


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