Spoiled Brat

Phebe Gibb’s Hartley House is a novel of a sixteen year english girl who travels to India. This is yet again a novel of a privileged European who travels to another country to colonize the natives land. This novel is a different approach to the idea of colonialism, giving the reader a different perspective of what it would be like being a sixteen year old traveling to another country. This novel just reminds us that this english supremacy begins at a very young age. The protagonist emphasis how lucky she is to be in India and how as a European girl she is wanted. The novel consist of the protagonist writing letters to her friend of her experience in India. The protagonist uses literature to emphasis her luxury. “‘Tis raging noon, and vertical the sun / Darts on the head directed its forceful beams; / O’er heaven and earth, far as the ranging eye / Can sweep, a dazzling deluge reigns. (Gibbs 21).” The protagonist is comparing India as place where heaven meets earth. Though this is a positive thing of her putting down all the negative things said of India, she is not doing this for India’s sake but for her benefit. She does not want to change peoples view of India to benefit the country but to make her trip seem like an amazing vacation. Not only is she using this poem to emphasis how amazing her life in India is but it is also used to show her education. It is not simply enough for her to brag to her friend that she is on heaven on earth India, she is also stressing the english education she possess.

-Alondra Morales Aguilar


One thought on “Spoiled Brat

  1. I really enjoyed the interesting points you made and how you presented Sophia as a stand-in for all colonizers, the parallel was very interesting. The only thing I would suggest improving is to not leave the blog at calling Sophia Spoiled, but expanding the thinking to possibly understanding colonization through examination of Sophia’s behavior. I think this further analysis would create strong theories.


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