Always Stealing Something

The english language is a language that was formed through the “borrowing” of many other languages such as the french and latin language. This made the english language very difficult to follow and understand with its quick development. For this reason Samuel Johnson created the “Dictionary of the English Language” in which he wanted to make the language proper and educated. Raja Rammohan Ray states in his”Letter to His Excellency the Right Hon’ble William Pit, Lord Amherst” that this proper english language should be shared with everyone, “The present Ruler of India, coming from a distance of many thousand miles to govern a people whose language, literature, manner, customs, and ideas are almost entirely new and strange to them, cannot easily becomes so intimately acquainted with their real circumstances, as the native of the country are themselves. We would, therefore, be guilty of a gross dereliction of duty to ourselves, and afford our Rulers just ground of complaint at our apathy, did we omit on occasions of importance like the present to supply them with such calculated to be beneficial to the country, and thus second by our local knowledge and experience their declared benevolent intentions for its improvement. ” This is a very interesting statement declared by Ray, it made me realize that the corruption and stealing never ends. The english language “borrowed” from other languages such as the Indian language yet they continue to feel as though they are superior and need to “help” other countries who do not posses their “knowledge”. In this statement Ray is stating that it would be wrong of them not to educate the Indian people of the english language. As we have seen in previous text this is the constant thought many english people possessed it is evident through history and literature. Not only have we seen this in the use of religion to justify their actions of colonialism, the English also seem to constantly find new ways to justify their actions towards other countries such as the stealing of other languages and making it their own.

-Alondra Morales Aguilar


One thought on “Always Stealing Something

  1. I enjoy this piece. Your title was a catch and had me hooked which is why I think it is the most original part of this. The only critique that I have is to possibly explain what other ways did the English try to justify their actions.

    Rahma Kohin
    EC – 19/25


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