The History of the English Language

For next Friday (3/3), students will write a blog post on the following question prompt:

How has the status of the English changed, if at all, from the time of Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary (1755) to Macaulay’s and Ray’s call for English language education in India?  Please keep your post focused on ONE key idea supported by specific textual evidence from these author’s writings.  For a general history of English dictionary writing, see the informative yet funny video below.

Please categorize your post under “Standardizing English” and don’t forget to create specific and relevant tags.  The post is due by Friday (3/3) 1pm, but students have the option to revise it until 6pm that day.  And please sign your posts so that your TA, Hannah, and I know who wrote what.  Warning: blank or filler “placeholder” posts submitted after the deadline will not receive a grade!


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