A Beacon Of Knowledge

Based on the tag line presented on the Royal Society`s website that reads, “through our policy work, journals, scientific meetings, events, worldwide partnerships and grants and awards, the Royal Society works to support excellence in science, building a home and future for science in the UK,” it is clear that today`s Royal Society encouraged scientists and work adamantly to defend and assist the technological advancement of society. In a sense the society`s image is projected as the proprietors of knowledge, however, its members that we have read about do not seem to be acknowledged for their full potential. The men that we have read about seemed to have the ability to help in the improvement of many areas of the websites addendum but based on the texts, their priorities assigned to them by the Society. In other words, the society encouraged them to focus on primary roles. For example, Isaac Newton focused on mathematics, astronomy and multiple other scientific pursuits while Francis Bacon approached the enlightenment of society through a more philosophical and judiciary point of view.

While these limiting focuses encouraged by the Royal Society may have helped promote knowledge and a prosperous society it may have also prevented other members from acknowledging the multiplicity of their intellect. As an example, the way in which this Thomas Sprat`s assistance and defense took place, seems to be the emphasis of the Royal Society`s purpose. Seeing as Sprat`s adoption into the society was because of his impeccable rhetorical skills and not his scientific abilities it is clear that his work promotes the importance of language development in the enlightenment that the Royal Society reflects. In his philosophical point of view, he often relates the English language as the foundation of civilization`s economic, industrial and event environmental growth. Sprat`s flowery depiction of the English language is used in his essay to endorse the Royal Society`s significance for societal improvement when he “focuses on the society`s capacity to improve ordinary life by producing inventions and shorter way of labor.” He depicts the society as a beacon of education and enlightenment but it may also be taken into consideration as an institution of limitations unfortunately.

-Kamani Morrow


One thought on “A Beacon Of Knowledge

  1. I think the most original part of this post was its use of the Royal society to relate to the assignment for this week. I think as an improvement I would like to see more evidence that the Royal Society actually did what it claims in its mission statement – where are the changes?


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