The Same Utopia of Science

Francis Bacon writes of a Utopia in his novel The New Atlantis. In this utopia there is a lot of structure around science. Throughout the text Bacon writes of the utopia having oder from the way they store their food to the way in which they “imitate and demonstrate meteors (1278)”.  I believe this is what many people today still see as a Utopia. One can easily see the influence of science and the way it designs a Utopia. We see this around us daily, we see it in films. Almost every film depicts a Utopia where science is helping us make life simpler and much smoother. Often Utopias are depicted as not having many problems due to science. In a Utopia we also see the answer to many questions. As Bacon described in his Utopia people were conducting experiments, experiments to understand the unknown. We have come a long way in understanding much of what Bacon did not understand but still hunger for other unanswered questions. I believe not much has changed on our view of Utopia and ways to approach it, influences by the Royal Society. Our world today is still obsessed with Science (though not a terrible thing) it is not allowing for more freedom in both the sciences and English. Because of all the questions that still remain today many remain focus on their goal to achieve all answers, like the experiments in Bacons novel and the Royal Society. The Royal Society today has moved even farther away from the humanities and culture. As an English Major I believe it is important for the Royal Society to make changes in finding way to incorporate the importance of English in science. Culture is also a huge factor in our world today and would be very important in forming a Utopia.

-Alondra Morales Aguilar


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