The Royal Society

The Royal Society, possibly the oldest society still in existence was founded in November 1660. The most distinguished and notable scientists are drawn from all over the word to promote, recognize, and support science. Some of the most prominent scientists that were members of this elite society were Francis Bacon, Thomas Sprat, and Sir Isaac Newton. Though each were very influential and had their own role in contributing to this society, I believe Bacon and Newton played major roles.

Newton’s Principia Mathematica established his theory of universal gravitation and his three laws of motion. Newton’s discoveries on gravity as well as his use of prisms to prove that sunlight was made up of all colors in the rainbow helped pave the way for other scientists. His ideals and knowledge of science is what led him to be elected president of the Royal Society.

Sir Francis Bacon, I believe, has had the most significant impact on the Royal Society. He is the founder of the modern scientific method and has encouraged many to conduct science by testing and retesting hypotheses. The Royal Society’s motto “nullius in verba (take nobody’s word for it)” is highly influenced by Bacon’s work and experience in science.



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