Science of Morals

Enlightenment of the human mind is a concept created to educate and keep people out of the cave of ignorance. For it has been considered by many over the course of time that knowledge is power and the more knowledge collected the more power people have over others. When knowledge becomes power however there is a question of morals and whether decisions being made are right or wrong? That is something that is hard to measure and event he scientific community has struggled to measure. Michel de Montaigne a practitioner of law in the Elizabethan Era had “thought himself a fair specimen of the whole human race and proposed that we can learn a good deal about people in general by stripping a single example morally as well as physically naked”(Bacon 1257-1258). Discovering a person’s self is stripping them raw of their integrity to be able to understand them. There are many ways in which people could see a personality at work however the act of humiliation demeans people long enough to expose something people do not truly think about(these are the thoughts of people during that time). In order to figure out the moral ambiguity that people have, now in the 21st century there are personality tests to talk about a person’s internal struggles within themselves. These test surely test the subject but they also make the proctor of the tests to question their own self. It puts a reflective mirror on them to explain whether what they are doing is correct.

-Alexis Blanco


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