“Take Nobody’s Word for it”

The Royal Society, where “Nullius in verba” or “take nobody’s word for it” is an essential element of “expression of the determination of Fellows to withstand the domination of authority and to verify all statements by an appeal to facts determined by experiment”. The Royal Society takes pride in its history, and to its founders, and its process of work. In Francis Bacon’s The New Atlantis , there is the similar foundations as expressed in the Royal Society.

As Bacon is writing about the fellows employment opportunities and he begins to describe:

“We Have three…

“-that collect the experiments which are in all books.”

“-that collect the experiments of all mechanical arts.”

“-that try new experiments.”

“-that draw the experiments.”

“-that bend themselves.”

“-that take care of.”

“-that do execute the experiments so direct, and report them.”

“-that raise the former discoveries by experiments into greater observations, axioms, and aphorisms”

Francis Bacon illustrated the importance of experimenting, fellows needed to look at work over and over. Understanding that science is a process, we can’t just accept one experiment, because then that would mean essentially accepting everything. To ask questions, because those questions will guide upon growth in intelligence. The primary fact that Bacon’s The New Atlantis  was so ahead of his time, parades his thought process. This thought process also illustrates The Royal Society’s pride, in a growing society we are constantly questioning concepts, and ideas. It is a great symbol for growth, which is essential in our modern world.

But at the same time in the website you can’t help but notice the importance of the Royal Society’s grants and how much money is coming in on a yearly basis. And the sad thing is is that’s what is more important today rather than education. We can even look at our own school systems and see how much money is wasted and not properly spent on student programs. Funds have become more important, building the next business that makes a good amount of money has become more important.

-Viviana Ojeda


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