Science in a changing world

The royal society has always held the same core values of knowledge and science. In early years, some of the first publications focused on methods of inductive reasoning, scientific methods and even about proving the existence of God and souls. These publications all were created and experimented and for the most part proven before they could be published and were meant to educate the people of the country. When science was early, a lot of of the experiments were performed in the name of God attempting to prove his existence and tying him with the phenomenon of nature.  Over the years the society’s focus has remained to further scientific advancement by conducting research and providing information for the benefit of the country. The values of the society are to promote science and science education. If we look at some of the original publications from the Royal society, a lot of them focus on the relationship between God and science and how science can be used to prove the existence of God. In modern times, we know now that religion and science are usually contradictory and conflicting and by looking at the Royal Society’s modern mission its clear that they have updated and refined their core missions to leave the things directly relating to science and science education. b

The royal societies situation and transformation got me thinking a lot about old institutions and the changes that must take place. I believe that it’s safe to say that if the royal society was still trying to search for God in science, it would not have been respected as the great science institution its known as today. I began to connect the institution to the US government, more specifically the constitution. The US constitution was a written some time after the founding of the royal society but nonetheless they have both managed to endure the years. However the difference comes when we look how each has adapted to modern changes through time. The royal society over time has been able to adjust its core values and focus strictly on science and science education. The united states was founded on a number of core foundations and ideals like basic right to vote, property and religious freedom. Throughout the years we have upheld the constitution in court and congress but more often than not these ideals are abused or ignored. Often times people refer to the constitution when arguing for gun rights using the second amendment as their reasoning. The constitution contains a to of ambiguous language, rules and policies that are not fitting with the times at all anymore. So many years have gone by since it was written and society has advanced so much since then. While i understand its a bit ubsurbd to compare the constitution to the values of the royal society, the contrast is interesting between an institution that changes its viewpoints to adjust to the times as opposed to one that stands so firmly grounded to their core values.

-Noel Nevarez

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