Putting Bacon on the Plate

English- associated with eloquence, grace, and precision. Why did it get shorthanded? Poetry had no use and little respect from Locke Newton, and Bacon was given. With the restoration came along many changes. One of the changes for example came with the reintroduction of the theatre. This took focus off of literature and had people starting to gravitate towards visually-stimulated matter. With this new platform of thinking, the Royal Society was formed which allowed for the deep focus and participation in Science. What I do find interesting is that Bacon still has relation to poetic and fictional ties. “The New Atlantis” is a very luscious construct that is meant to be visualized as oozing with ideas in optimal support of science. These ideas in a way have influenced the 21st century by having people think aside from religion and literature. Having shorter, simpler, lazy language made it easier for more to be literate and understand how to read. That could have been a factor for more people being able to read. Another thing that can be indirectly credited is that “The New Atlantis” in a way sounds like an environment of our modern universities. STEM programs I’m sure derived from founders as Bacon.

Countless things have changed since the early days. For one, we now have extremely sophisticated machines that can save our lives, we can help stop massive diseases, and so much more. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek saw little animals under the microscope. This was in 1665. Antoni had a first sighting of micro-organisms. Microbiology was now born (Royalsociety.org). That is just 3 years after the Royal Society was established.

With Bacon’s “The New Atlantis”, it is said that there are 4 languages that are spoken on this fictional island. If only Bacon knew that there are now dozens, if not hundreds of languages talking to one another globally now. Doctors, mathematicians, researchers , etc.around the world are communicating on the best and most effective strategies, theories, and solutions. This can be done so with common languages in their fields. Have you ever heard an engineer speaking to another engineer? I have no clue what they are speaking of, but it’s special terminology that has allowed them to effectively communicate and make the world a better place*.

This new focus allowed for new ideas to come about previously restricted with religion and mundane emphasis in the sciences. Now, with monumental figures leading the pack on such thought process, it has become a focal point and incubator for ideas that will be shaping and questioning the future. Bacon fueled the future generations’ stomachs with a rich, greasy base for us to feed off.


-Daniel Estrada

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