A Remodeled City On The Hill

John Winthrop’s sermon, A Modell of Christian Charity, describes the image of a beautiful model city that would be created from a basis of justice, mercy, and loving thy neighbor as one wishes their neighbor would love them. These guidelines were what Winthrop described to be a successful and model nation for the world to see.

To believe that Winthrop’s ideologies are capable to be applied to the present America is not a belief I find worth arguing for. In fact, I would argue that the model set by Winthrop is a model worth pursuing but with restriction. Winthrop mentions that in this nation,  “[w]ee must delight in eache other; make other’s conditions our oune; rejoice together, mourne together, labour and suffer together” (47), and I would agree that this is something that a nation today should strive for as well. In other words, a nation should be one that stays together, takes care of one other, and celebrates one another. Given the time period, to say sticking together is the equivalent of sticking with one’s kind. Bringing Winthrop’s ideas to a the present day would require the acceptance of all backgrounds, cultures, religions, sexualities, and separate beliefs, and I would argue that if Winthrop were among us today with his ideals, he would be appalled at our lives.  

However, recent events have brought some of Winthrop’s words back to life. Winthrop notes that the new nation he travels to will have all, “eies of all people are uppon us” (47), and his tone while saying this is one that is very hopeful of the new colony he was heading to. Indeed the eyes of the world were upon the nation as it developed into the nation it is today, and once again, America is in the eyes of the entire world with the recent inauguration of Donald Trump. This is where Winthrop’s ideas take form to divide the nation as we are watched all around the world. With the eyes of the world, a divided nation either looked for support in their protest or acceptance of their new President.

Overall, while the ideas Winthrop describes is, at a cursory glance, an ideal goal to strive for, but there are changes that would have to be made first.

-Elizabeth Dominguez


One thought on “A Remodeled City On The Hill

  1. I think the most original part of this post is its recognition that withrop’s sermon is actually positive, saying to turn inward and try to be an example to others. I think as an improvement I would flesh out your conclusion and make it more comprehensive.


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