A City Upon a Hill: Vulnerable prosperity

At the top of a peak, off in the distance among the protruding sunrise- a kingdom. When we look at something ideal, models, and dreams, we associate them with precision, unity and gracefulness. A community on top a hill shows knowledge and cooperation. Many tales are told to that of which a person must climb a hill or mountain if they want to obtain some mystical knowledge, quite literally rising to a higher power.

Winthrop writes of the absolute necessity of having to unify as a community. It is through the message of God that the people- rich and poor- will be the body, joined together intertwined shooting forth for one purpose. It may be as that of a master crafted watch: all the parts must move together operating intricately in order to have functionality and be able to display the master craft. A model community is to be in place and display harmonious bonding that radiates profound love. The mercy, understanding, and patience of everyone in the community is what will maximize the relation to the church and to God. God is said to have made people in different classes to show his wisdom in the variety of different people. We must see the differences in others, absorb them, and then find common ground.

To be on a hill is being seen, and so more pressure will be on to do good, and well. The most refined actors, athletes, public speakers, politicians, and singers all have one thing in common: When they perform, it looks effortless and shows art and beauty. That is how the hill is supposed to resemble and foster all those that reside within it.


-Daniel Estrada


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